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World of Warcraft ravings

My Pandaren Monk pet is very cute and amusing, even with his constant high pitched "HII-YAAAH" and "WHOOP-AAAH" yells.


Markco, of Just my two Copper, has revealed himself to be a total slimebag. Either that or Gevlon is making controversial stuff up like he did once before. (Sorry, can't find the link.) Scratch that, Markco has confirmed he really did send the email to Gevlon. Scratch that, Markco has deleted the post.

Who are these people? Why should you care?

I can't tell you why you should care but I can at least tell you who these people are. They both write WoW economy blogs, and have both made tons of gold in-game. Gevlon is infamous for making so much money in-game that he's hit the maximum amount of gold a character can have, at least twice. He's also infamous for railing against morons and slackers, spruiking the "goblin philosophy", and coming off as a controversial antisocial prat. I may not like the persona he presents but he's presented some very useful articles, such as the mats you farm are NOT free.

(And yes, that *was* buying into the goblin philosophy, thank you for pointing it out.)

I have no idea about Markco's moneymaking achievements in game. His blog seemed more personable but nowhere near as useful. It seems to have spawned a whole slew of WoW economy blogs. He has also, with this latest incident, revealed himself to be a complete arsehat.


How are my characters doing, money-wise, in-game? Well, all I can say to that is the Epic Gem transmutes introduced in Patch 3.2. I can make and sell an Epic Gem every day. For 5 minutes work I get 100G profit. This is 'only' 700G a week but requires almost no effort and is enough. I like those maths.


If anyone comes up to you in-game and says "lol ur class is ez facerolling mode" then you should respond with "Bacon is delicious!" Or something equally random, like "I like bacon!" Or possibly, "Baconnaise is GOOD with mushroom and carrot!"

The best thing is, this works irrespective of whatever MMORPG you happen to play.


I tried going back to some of my alternate characters recently, and after a little while all I could think was, "meh", "do I really want to do Outlands YET AGAIN", and, "now I remember why I stopped playing these characters."

It's always a shame when I think to myself, "now I remember why I stopped playing these characters and I shall stop playing them again," because over the past 3.5 years I spent quite some time on my gnome rogue, human paladin, and draenei shaman. To ignore that time spent feels like a waste. But my Alliance and Horde druids handily supercede them all and are not slogging through the same old content for the sixth time. The other characters... simply don't click with me anymore.
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